The current issue of the Internet bulletin “Annals of the Association“ Russian Domostroy ”dedicated to the national holiday“ Kosovorotka Day” has been published

The Russian Domostroy Association website has a free access to the current issue of the ARD Annals online newsletter.

You can read the full version of the Bulletin here.

The main theme of the issue is a public initiative to introduce the national holiday “Kosovorotka Day” in Russia.

The initiative was taken by participants in a joint meeting of the boards of the Russian Domostroy Association and the Generation of Communities. It is aimed at forming public support for the introduction of the national holiday “Kosovorotka Day” in Russia.

At the same time, work has begun on the formation of the Organizing Committee for the celebration of the national holiday “Kosovorotka Day”.

According to the representative of the Organizing Committee: “We intend to apply to the legislative and executive authorities of Russia at all levels so that our public initiative receives full approval. The Organizing Committee will plan its work on the basis that on July 12, 2020 we will be able to hold the first celebration of the new Russian national holiday, “Kosovorotka Day”.

The Russian Domostroy Association is a non-profit organization and unites on a voluntary basis about thirty enterprises and organizations located in several regions of Russia and the CIS countries that specialize in the production and trade of a range of Russian national life and national clothes.

Source: ARD News Bulletin

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