Orginizing committee of people’s holiday “Day of the kosovorotka” formed

Today a meeting of the working group on the formation of the Organizing Committee of the national holiday “Kosovorotka Day” was held, at which it was decided to begin the formation of the Organizing Committee of the Holiday. This was stated by the correspondent of the newsletter “ARD News” Nikolai Evsenkin, head of the working group of the organizing committee of the holiday.

“The public initiative to introduce the national holiday“ Kosovorotka Day ”in Russia received so wide support among the Russian public and among Russian compatriots abroad that the working group decided to start the formation of the Organizing Committee now,” Mr. Yevsenkin emphasized.

“We plan to invite to the Organizing Committee those representatives of the public, religious and business circles of our Fatherland who are close to the topic of revival in modern Russian society, and especially among young people, the tradition of wearing Russian folk clothes. Moreover, both in the holidays and festivities, and in everyday life. It’s nice to see a young man in the Russian braid at least occasionally in the Moscow metro! ”, The representative of the Organizing Committee added.

On the whole, we are talking about the revival of the old Russian tradition of parents giving their adult sons new braids on July 12, the Day of the Apostles Peter and Paul. On this day haymaking began and the young men in new shirts entered their full-fledged working life in traditional national costumes. ”

The main documents of the working group of the Organizing Committee (public initiative, concept, presentation) can be found on the pages of the holidays of the sites of organizations – initiators, including

Link to documents (
Link to documents (

Source: ARD News Bulletin

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