National holiday “Kosovorotka Day”: holiday concept

“The state needs to conduct a verified informational and ideological policy aimed at reviving among the Russian people the tradition of wearing such a popular element of a folk costume as a“ braid ”. A schoolchild, student, worker, villager, civil servant, manager, who puts on a shirt and a holiday, and on weekdays, will become a conscious nationally-minded patriot, and his choice in favor of a shirt is a conscious step of national self-identification. This is the future of the union of the Russian people with the indigenous peoples of Russia. We need to convince Russia of this, ”says the concept of introducing the national holiday“ Kosovorotka Day ”in Russia, posted on the websites of the authors of this initiative, the Russian Domostroy Association and the Generational Connection Foundation.

As stated in the document: “This requires the unification of efforts and cooperation of state authorities, public organizations and citizens who see the main goal and meaning of their work as the good of the Fatherland. The announcement of 2020 as the Year of memory and glory is a big step in the field of popularizing the historical memory of Russian and all indigenous peoples of Russia. The beginning of the celebration of Kosovorotka Day this year will become an integral part of the revival of the national foundations of the life of the peoples of our Fatherland.»

Source: ARD News Bulletin

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